Sovereignty is a popular phrase but what does it really mean?.

Sovereignty is first and foremost a human condition based upon universal status and inalienable rights.

From the Judeo-Christian perspective all people are created in the Image of God, and as such, are created sovereign having God given rights and responsibilities.

At the same time if Hawaiians are to preserve and build upon their common cultural heritage they to have Economic Sovereignty over the land and resources that are legally theirs.

Cultural is built and preserved around shared economics and the Hawaiian Benefactors, to their credit, understood this and left an incredible heritage that needs to be under the direct control of the Native Hawaiian people as shareholders in a federally chartered Native Hawaiian Corporation.



It is from this foundation that the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, clearly proclaiming the rights of all individuals and their special status before governments and authorities, is given power.

All people are sovereign at conception regardless of status or condtion.

The question isn’t sovereignty for native Hawaiian’s but what is the best political way forward for the sovereign descendants of the Polynesian voyagers who settled these islands.