I do not look to the Hawaiian Monarchy for inspiration, though they did some some very inspiring things, but to the foundation established for modern Hawaii by the great Kamehameha Rex.

Kamehameha, like so much of Hawaiian history, is the right man, at the right place, at the right time, ready to change the course of history.

Kamehameha as a military and strategic leader would have been a sovereign in any time period or location on the globe.

One can only construe the fortuitous events of Kamehameha’s reign as the hand of Providence for the Hawaiian people.




Aside from his fierce military genius King Kamehameha understood his times and was quick to see the strategic edge the arrival of western knowledge and technology offered, and quickly adapted it to his own use.

He not only secured Hawaii into a united kingdom, just in the nick of time, but exhibited the wisdom and character of a true sovereign with his willingness to moderate his own passions, while at the same time be a tremendous innovator and risk taker.

A perfect man?

No. of course not, but still a great leader and a guide for those willing to charter a new course.